2013 - Struthers Castle

Our present project involves tracing the historical significance of STRUTHERS CASTLE, and hopefully raising funds to preserve the ruinous remains of this building


2013 - Auld Kirk Clock, Tayport

Early in 2013, in conjunction with the Auld Kirk Trust, CNFPS undertook to raise funding for the restoration of the Tower Clock at the Auld Kirk in what used to be called Ferryport-upon-Craig. The Trust is in the throes of restoring this 17th Century church.


2010/11 - DMM CRICHTON Statue, Cupar

Later same year, at the request of Councillor Margaret Kennedy of Fife Council, the Society organised fundraising for repairs to and restoration of the David Maitland Makgill Crichton Monument in Cupar.


2010 - Ceres Clock

In conjunction with the Community Council and the Ceres Kirk Session, CNFPS took the lead role in raising funds for the restoration and electrification of Ceres Clock.


2008 - Provost Monument, Ceres

In association with Fife Council, the Society contracted stone masons to repair and conserve the toby-jug – like figure and surrounding wall known in Fife as ‘The Provost’.


2006/7 - Letham and Melville House Doocots

The Society raised funding for repairs to and restoration of its Letham Doocot; also the Melville House Doocot, which is on lease to CNFPS.


2003 - Fife Folk Museum

As owners of the weigh-house/tollbooth, and weavers’ cottages comprising the Fife Folk Museum in Ceres, the Society played a key role in setting up and for many years managing the Museum. In 2003 a major restoration project was undertaken at the Museum with funding obtained from Heritage Lottery Fund, Historic Scotland, Fife Environment Trust and others.